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The new, larger, more powerful Real server is up and running! Since the server has joined the active directory domain, we can now access it by “mapping” to it. Mapping to it saves you from having to remember an extra user name or password. Simply logging into your computer also logs you into the Real server — automatically!

To map to the Real server, please follow the simple steps listed below.

First, locate one of the two links to your “My Computer.” Click the "Start” button and right click on the “My Computer” menu and select “Map Network Drive”. . .

My Computer at Start Button

or right click on the “My Computer” icon on your desktop. (Note: if you are using a Mac, please visit the page for help. Try using SMB or Server Message Block before the forward slashes with the address shown below.)

Right Click My Computer Icon

Second, which ever method you choose to access your “My Computer” menu, select the “Map Network Drive” menu item. (Don't worry! If you left clicked on "My Computer," you can still locate the “Map Network Drive” menu by left-clicking on the Tools menu.

Tools menu
Third, decide which drive letter you want to assign to the Real server. If you want to accept the default letter which Windows selects for you, move to the next step. If you want to select a drive letter you have available, left-click the down arrow and left-click to select any drive letter that is open.

Select Drive Letter

Fourth, in the Folder text box, enter the following: \\ra\

Enter Folder Name followed by the folder name “Content.” The final result should look something like this (in blue only): \\ra\Content followed by \STW_Dept ,for example, \\ra\content\STW_CEAT or \\ra\Content\STW_SSB .

Be sure there is a check mark next to the words, “Reconnect at logon.”

Note: Users at the Okmulgee, Oklahoma City, Tulsa campuses or those on the Stillwater campus who do not log into the OSU domain! You will need to enter the following text (in blue only): \\\Content . The trailing period here ends the preceding sentence only. (Everywhere off campus will need to use virtual private network or VPN. For VPN information, please check here.)

You will also need to select the link “Connect using a different user name.” Then, enter OSU\your O-KEY user name for the user name or simply enter your O-KEY e-mail address at the login name followed by your O-KEY password.

Different user name dialogue box

Finally, press the “Finish” button. You have successfully mapped your computer to the Real server. You will be connected every time you turn on your computer!

When you want to upload media files (Real Media files or Windows Media files), you simply “drag” them from a location on your computer and “drop” them onto the Real server. No more stressing to remember an extra password!