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Serving all Seventy Seven Oklahoma Counties from the Heart of OSU's Mission

Although research has shown benefits of formal and computerized farm information systems, educators will continue to be challenged to find ways to effectively deliver farm record-keeping instruction to producers. As an OSU faculty member, I now teach producers and educators to use software to help farmers and ranchers evaluate business alternatives and identify potential economic outcomes.

Dr. Damona Doye
Extension Economist and Regents Professor
Agricultural Economics Department
Oklahoma State University

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Much has been said about how outreach is an integral part of, and even defines our mission as a comprehensive land grant University. And for some, this is where it stops ... at talk. Not so for Dr. Damona Doye, Extension Economist and Regents Professor in Agricultural Economics at OSU. In fact no one I know of more readily walks the walk and contributes more directly to the carrying out of all that our great mission envisions. But don't take my word for it, you'll have to hear her to believe it.

For this Tech Tuesday, Dr. Doye shared with us, from process to project, details of her efforts to leverage OSU's unique position of having a presence in all seventy seven Oklahoma counties in order to deliver technology solutions to farmers. The project aspect of her work includes developing instructional course materials that teach farmers to use software packages like Quicken and Excel in order to optimize their operations, make better business decisions, and better compete in our ever increasingly global economy. Dr. Doye also discussed another project she's working on: providing one centralized web access point where Extension Educators in agricultural economics, plant and soil sciences, animal science, and veterinary medicine from all over the state can:

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